Sudoku Solver Software

March 19th, 2012

Sudoku Solver Software


Many people get stuck solving sudoku puzzles and when they do often they resort to using some form of sudoku solver software. Often you can find these available online simply by doing a search into your favorite search engine. Our site also features a sudoku solver that you can use to quickly solve any puzzle that you may be having troubles with.


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To access our sudoku solver simply go to the main page of our website and you will see the link that will take you there.

Sudoku solvers work but using an advanced algorithm that determines the most probable number to fit an existing cell. You simply enter your unsolved sudoku into the software by entering the digits that you have successfully completed.

Please remember that it will only work with the information that you have entered so if you have made a mistake or put in digits that aren't correct you may end up with incorrect data. They usually come with a basic interface that resembles a blank sudoku grid. You would enter the numbers into the cells that correspond with your unfinished puzzle, basically you want to make a mirror copy of your unsolved puzzle.

Once you have finished entering in your digits you simply press the complete or start button and the sudoku solver software will instantly complete the remaining cells of your unfinished puzzle. If that sounds very simple the reason is because that it is, sudoku solvers are designed to do one thing solve uncompleted puzzles


A Screenshot Of Our Sudoku Solver Software

Sudoku Solver Software Picture

As you can see from the screenshot above, the sudoku solver software is a very simple to use program that has three functions. The first is the solve button which you will press after you have finished entering in the information onto the blank grid.

The second option is to completely reset the software if you have made a mistake or for any reason wish to start over. The third allows you to enter in the details of your puzzle as text form and load it directly into the solver.

While most people just enter the candidates into the matching cells you can use this feature if you find it more helpful than using the traditional approach. Both will work just fine so feel free to use whichever you are more comfortable with.

The advantages of using a sudoku solver are obvious, it allows you to solve a puzzle that you may be currently stuck on. While you won't get any of the advantages that solving sudoku brings (such as improved logic and reasoning skills) you do eliminate the frustration that having a puzzle you just can't solve brings.

If your struggling with sudoku than we highly recommend that you download a copy of the ultimate sudoku guide which will help you solve sudoku puzzles faster than ever.

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Remember sudoku is a puzzle that is not only fun to solve but great for sharpening your mind, and while we love when people use our sudoku solver software it really should be only used as a last resort.

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