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March 17th, 2012 admin

Sudoku Solver Software

Fortunately if you are like many people there are times that that despite your best efforts you get stuck trying to solve a sudoku puzzle. In these cases you might want to consider using sudoku solving software to complete the puzzle.  Often you can easily find find these type of programs available online.

We decided to add our own version of a solver you can use, it is on the main page of our website and will allow you to quickly solve any puzzles you may be struggling with.

While many people think that using an online sudoku solver is cheating in a way, we feel that if you have used up all possibilities and are still stuck on your puzzle. Than it is better to find the solution than throw it away, or suffer wondering what the last few cells of the puzzle where!

With that in mind feel free to use our solver if you have any puzzles you are currently stuck on. But please only use it as a last resort, it is far better to solve sudoku the old fashioned way by using your mind. It brings far more enjoyment and you will find that after a while solving sudoku becomes easier and easier and you won't have to resort to using a sudoku solver at all.

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