Sudoku 101

Sudoku has been around since the 1980s but it started booming in popularity around 2005, quickly becoming one of the most  popular number puzzle games around. It's also become a big business, both for companies that make and sell Sudoku puzzles but also for video game companies as well as businesses offering Sudoku strategy guides and related affiliate programs
As far as enjoying Sudoku as a player, you've got a lot of options including traditional puzzles that appear in weekly newspapers, Sudoku books, iPhone and iPad Sudoku apps, and PC and console games. Much of the appeal of the game is its simplicity, as it's very easy to learn but there are also countless variations on the same basic ideas. Like Scrabble, bridge, and other games, there are also very competitive world championships for Sudoku  with many awarding substantial cash prizes to the winners.
While you can win cash prizes in Sudoku tournaments, you can't yet play it for real money online like you can with other casino games such as solitaire, roulette online or poker. That may change in the future, though, as many online gambling sites are adding more and more skill games, with some that are similar to Sudoku in nature and let players compete online in tournaments with cash prizes going to the top finishers. Some countries don't allow online wagering on games of luck but do allow games of skill, so there's a lot of interest among online gaming companies to expand the skill games that they offer such as Sudoku.


Until then you can still enjoy plenty of Vegas-style action playing internet blackjack poker, and a wide range of other games. Players can choose to play for play money or real money, so it's a matter of what you're most comfortable with and whether or not you want to put actual cash on the line. New players can also receive generous promotions and bonuses when signing up at online gaming sites, an extra added bonus to try out various online games.