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March 19th, 2012

Sudoku Hints And Tips

Hints To Solve Sudoku Puzzles


There are many good sudoku hints online, some are easy to  understand while others are unfortunately quite complicated. We are going to take a look at a few of these techniques. These may seem like very basic strategies to some of the more experienced solvers, but they have been proven time and again to be very effective at solving easy to medium level puzzles.

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When you first start solving sudoku it may seem a bit overwhelming. While the basic rules are very simple, place the numbers 1 through 9 into the boxes and grids on your sudoku board with the following additional rules

  • Each horizontal row contains each digit only once
  • Each vertical row contains each digit only once
  • Each subgrid or region also contains each number only once.

Ok while the rules are pretty straight forward and sound very easy, in practice it is much harder than it looks! That's why arming yourself with good sudoku hints and strategies can save you much frustration as you go from the easier to harder level puzzles.

With that said here are the most popular or easy sudoku tips you can start to apply to your playing right away. So let's get started.

Sudoku Hints And Strategies


Slicing And Dicing

The first we are going to take a look at is known as Slicing and dicing. This is simply a variation of what's known as crosshatching but instead of looking only the horizontal rows you instead include the verticals rows as well.

It's always a good idea to apply slicing and dicing to your puzzle as soon as you begin. You will find that it's a faster way to solve the puzzle especially if you combine it with another technique known as crosshatching.

Instead of focusing on and filling in just one box of nine cells at a time, train yourself to look at the other lines as well.

Here's a good hint for you , when you discover a possible number you can place in the box pencil it i right away. You first begin by looking for a common number that appears often in the puzzle . Then by using elimination you can rule out the cells, where you know the number can't fit.

Penciling in Possible Candidates

This is a very simple approach to take when solving your puzzles, sadly many people don't do this but if you are reading this article than hopefully you will start applying it to your solving right away., It's a very easy thing to do, you simply write down all of the possible number for a particular cell into the associated boxes.
The idea is to help you eliminate any numbers that won't fit making a final solution that much more easy.

Now the reason you use a pencil is because if you use a pen or marker and make  a mistake you will find that your puzzle becomes a mess. Often you will have to start all over or worse, throw the puzzle away.

The X-wing

The X-wing is another of the more popular solving techniques it uses the process of elimination to help you deduce which candidate (or number) will go or in many cases show you where it won't go as you place numbers into any particular cell.

When you find two columns that both contain the same number in a particular cell it will form what resembles an  "X"  shape. Like previously stated in other posts, taking the time and learning all the different sudoku hints is a great way to begin to get good at solving sudoku, However no matter how many tips or strategies you may learn practice will always remain the key to becoming a true sudoku master!

For More Sudoku Strategies

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Start applying these sudoku hints to your playing and I think you will find that not only will your speed increase but your enjoyment of the game as well.

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