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  • Why most people fail at sudoku and how you can avoid the same fate
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  • How to properly count when doing your sudoku puzzle.
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  • How To Make A Winning Sudoku Strategy that works everytime
  • Using cross hatching to your advantage
  • How to eliminate the extraneous and what to do when everything else fails
  • The Secret Math Behind Sudoku.
  • The right way to Solve a diabolical puzzle, tips and untold secrets
  • Searching for the lone number the mystery uncovered
  • The simple and deadly effective nine step system anyone can use immediately that will show you how to fly through 80-90% of all sudoku you may come across
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  • Sudoku solver terminology, various rules and techniques so can speak and understand the same lingo as other solvers.
  • How to quickly master the various solving strategies and play like a pro within days

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